Focus on the Lips

In the race of expressing, Eyes always comes first. But second are the lips, And nobody remembers the second. But do observe the second. Eyes might reveal the truth, Lips express the feelings. A smile, a bite, a blank The intension, the level of Comfort, the taste and The choices All are revealed. So, stare... Continue Reading →

Why are we sad?

The question here is why are we sad and not why are we depressed, as I am not professionally trained to answer the later question. All emotions are a creation of our brain and being sad can be directly linked with our memories. How does memory works? Memories are stored in our brain(duh...), But their... Continue Reading →

Lie back the Truth

A gift to the human kind,Beautiful as well as cursed,Is the way we all lie.Coming up with a storyWhich is not real,I wonder how a moment of thoughtCould create something this huge.It's almost similar to a game of chess,Each move makes it more complex.Brain working at full potential,One wrong move and you lose.It's not "Why... Continue Reading →

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