Little bit routine

Life got a bit routine. Routine does keep us focused and less distracted, but I am in constant struggle to not to have a routine. Somehow I believe that accepting routine Would mean that I settled in life -- which I don't want to.

Reading Forever

The deadline if not imposed,I would read the same page till eternity.Loosing control over life --As if it had to be controlled.Many conflicting theories are fighting a war,to prove themselves right.Big head ache.Cannot think a way out of everything.


The Goal is to find clarity.Having a clear idea of what I want to do in my Life.I want to know myself,I want to answer question likeWho am I? orWhat am I here for?Trying to understand the world and finding a place from myself.The Goal is to do something that is a contribution,however big or... Continue Reading →

On Schedule

Can't seem to commit to a self made schedule.Have been standing at this cross roads for a long time.Walking few miles in one direction butthen not able to stay on that journey.Have to return to cross roads every time.There are million paths diverting from here and I desire to walk on all of them.Which is... Continue Reading →

Worldly Fish

Worldly Fish --Swimming all the time.Eyes always open, watchingthe world change. Can't even rest -- justStands still for a while,and then back to swimming,in a small glass aquarium.

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